miniature baby made of Marzipan.

What IS Marzipan?

Ahanu asked me this question at our unusually early morning breakfast (before 7 am) with Adriel. I conjectured that it was made of sugar and perhaps gelatin and something else, but really I don’t remember ever knowingly eating marzipan, so I had no idea. I just knew that it was used to make intricate details […]

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Extra-Curricular Activities

In unschooling there are no extra-curricular activities. Everything is learning experience. But for the sake of applying to a college, I may keep┬átrack of activities that might be considered extra-curricular or outside the curriculum. I am hoping that Ahanu at some point will want to join a musical group of some kind, like a choir […]

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Travel with Kids to Ecuador

A lot has happened since our last entry. I had a baby. His name is usually Bebito, but sometimes it’s Adriel. He was born in January. Ahanu, Adriel, and I are going to Ecuador…for a month! We hope to have pictures and stories when we get back. I am not holding my breath that I […]

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