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We are documenting what we do in our everyday life in this blog starting NOW. We may not post EVERY day or very much, but we will show some of the cool stuff we are doing, like some pictures that Ahanu and Talia take. Some of the posts will be about our house, but most of them will be about us going places. Ahanu and Talia are both contributing words to our blog posts.

Ahanu building with legos at night

Ahanu building with legos at night

Hi, by the way! We are Ahanu and Talia. Talia is the mom and Ahanu is the son. Safa is the husband and dad, but he is only with us in the evenings, on vacations, and on the weekends.

Here’S what we did today (What did we do today?):

  • Got up around 10 am
  • Ahanu went into his play room to build Lego stuff
  • We made a schedule for the day:
    • 10:00 am Breakfast
    • 10:10 am Computer
    • 10:40 am LEGOs
    • 11:00 am Read Books
    • 11:30 am Lunch
    • 12:00 pm Store to buy food

And that’s we did today in the morning. There was some deviation from the times, but we did all of those things.

When we got home, Talia was really tired and had to lie down. Ahanu wanted to watch a movie and Talia said that she wanted him to find something to do that didn’t involve a screen. He read a little, cried a little, stomped around angrily a little and then got on the computer anyway when Talia was resting/napping.

When Talia woke up it was about 5 pm and she wanted to start making dinner. Ahanu wanted to go to a friends house, so we called Jessica Goldberg to see if Ahanu could come over and play with her 2 kids. They played for about an hour. They played a bunch of different games. One was called, “AYE CARAMBA!”. It is a game where Ahanu is the Aye Caramba monster and chases Jessica’s kids everywhere (who are several years younger) and they crack up every time Ahanu says, “AYE CARAMBA!”…with a very significant and awesome trilled R, I might add.

Jessica was kind enough to bring home Ahanu just before Talia was about to get him. Safa had returned home shortly before that. Ahanu had a brownie while he was there (because the other kids had been promised one earlier) and brought home one to eat later. Talia said he could have it after dinner.

Dinner was still in progress, when Talia realized that she had left all of the groceries in the car, “AYE CARAMBA!” She quickly got them out and into the fridge.

Ahanu ate dinner which consisted of:

  • Spinach Pie
  • Rotisserie White Chicken Breast
  • Kale and Carrots (but he didn’t eat the kale because he said it was too sweet. ???) He got and ate more kale which it did not yet have liquid aminos on it.
  • Brownie (spit out half of it because it was too sweet!)

While Ahanu was eating, Talia continued using Rosetta Stone software from the library which she had started using today to help her learning Mandarin Chinese. Ahanu joined in after eating his spinach pie and chicken. He felt like he couldn’t eat more and the kale and carrots was still cooking anyway. Ahanu asked to see the blog that Talia had started today to document what we were doing every day. Talia showed him and also showed him his very own gmail email account. Ahanu came up with the blog password. Talia got help from Ahanu on customizing the blog template and on writing their first blog post (what you are reading now). Ahanu eventually went back to eating, when the kale and carrots were ready and had his half of a brownie, while Talia continued blogging.

After drinking some water, Ahanu went off to play Legos in his play room at about 8:10 pm.

We also listened to music from Pandora (Tracy Chapmand Radio) during dinner and Ahanu danced a bit during he break in the middle of dinner.

Ahanu reading on the couch at night

Ahanu reading on the couch at night

Ahanu came out of the play room at some point (8:45 pm?), turned up the music and started dancing with a red blanket. They dance involved a lot intentionally slipping on the blanket and falling on the couch. Ahanu is now on the couch reading a book (Strange Stories for Strange Kids from Little Lit) we got from the large haul of books that we checked out from the library yesterday.


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