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In unschooling there are no extra-curricular activities. Everything is learning experience. But for the sake of applying to a college, I may keep track of activities that might be considered extra-curricular or outside the curriculum.

I am hoping that Ahanu at some point will want to join a musical group of some kind, like a choir or performing arts group. Also hoping he can have his taste of selling something he has invented or created and or working in a store or shop of some kind. Maybe Ahanu will also get some tutoring in drawing comics, since that is something he interested in.

I think he may like to be more involved with groups that meet regularly and possibly take key leadership role in them.

Hacker Scouts is something I am hoping he will try to apply himself to, eventually.

To date, Ahanu’s extra-curricular activities have included:
Playing computer
Chess Classes
Baha’i children’s classes
Pokemon club
Marble run building
Lego Construction
Selling his creations at a youth arts festival
Gainesville Homeschool group
Homeschool co-op classes (world cultures and Legos
Classes at the Cade
Various camps
Creates comics

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